Meet The Team

Meet the Team

Becky, Founder, Editor, Indie Film & Pop Culture Blogger


Becky is the bubbly cinephile that knows everyone, some say “6 degrees of Becky”. Her love of films led her to cover more than 7 film festivals last year as press for various online media outlets. Born and bred in Silicon Valley Becky dreamed of becoming a Culture Anthropologist, instead, she studied Sociology and Political Science working with local government and advocating for underrepresented communities. Years later she married her German lover and in 2016 she uprooted and fled with her family to a small village somewhere between Leipzig and Dresden.

Becky lifestyle blogger

As some may know the Germans love to discuss the weather as a topic and not use it to the end of a conversation.  It still continues because she still tries to be stylish despite the harsh winter with her Uggs and Wellensteyn jacket.  She is noted to escape the winter and head to California and international film festivals as much as possible.

Armita, Creative Director, Fashion Couture, Art and Travel Blogger


Armita is a Silicon Valley based executive blog producer and fashion designer, who is primarily focused on fashion & art with additional interests in photography, design and world travel. With her Persian and Swedish roots, Dutch husband, current residency in the US and close ties with the African and Indian cultures; her orientation is truly global.
Armita Von
Her artistic adventures were shaped among others by the likes of Utrecht’s College of Art of which she graduated, Beckman’s Design School for her Associate’s degree in fashion design and Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts which inspired her. You can find her work at Armita is our in-house artist where her main role is to introduce you to fellow artists, fashion designers and share her travel experiences.
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About The Wunderland

Of course, you know The Wunderland. Everyone has their special place.  The place they like to go to escape, to get away and create. The Wunderland is here to serve inspiration to all artists, fashionistas, film buffs and world travelers.  You don’t think yourself as an artist, don’t let a category confine you. We definitely don’t.

Our readers are international but majority of them live in metropolitan areas such as Stockholm, San Francisco, London and Berlin.

  • 64% are between the ages of 25-44
  • 75% are female
  • They love arts & entertainment, travel and anything related to beauty.

We are open to collaborations, partnerships and sponsorships.  We would love to discuss this further with you. Feel free to ask for our media kit, we will send it right over

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